iAnnex can provide you or your brokerage office with a multitude of IT and Real Estate marketing services.  Below are a list of our services and a brief description of each service. 

Agent-to-Agent Property Listing Email Blast
iAnnex provides you the medium to create and send your property eFlyer to thousands of sales agents in your area and beyond. To view the areas your eFlyer can be sent to, please see the pricing tab.

Developer-to-Agent Project Email Blast
iAnnex offers special packages created for Developers needs. For more information please contact us at, include your phone number and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

Custom eFlyer Design
We can create customized eFlyers for your properties.  Have a special look, layout or color scheme in mind.  Just email us at please include your phone number and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

Graphic Design
Our graphic designers are here to serve you.  From eFlyers to postcards and beyond we can help make your vision reality. Please email us at

Printing and Mailing Services
iAnnex can provide you with all of your printing and mailing needs. iAnnex provides you with great tools for farming and marketing your listings. Please contact us at

HTML Custom Flyer Conversion
This service would be used if you already have an eFlyer design but do not know how to convert it to HTML.  HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. We use HTML when sending graphical eFlyers via email.  It allows for an easier and more effective email distribution.  We can transform your design into HTML for email use.  Please contact us at

HTML Email Hosting
Don’t have the server space to host your emails. No problem. We can provide you with email hosting plans as well. Please contact us at

Website Design
Our graphic designers and programmers can create any type of website you are looking for. From a simple few pages to the most complex we are here to service your graphical needs. Please contact us at

Computer IT Services (South Florida Only)
As an IT company we have the very best computer and networking experts on our team. Have a real estate office and want to prolong the longevity of your computer systems or thinking about upgrading your technology and want advice. Contact us at

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